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Service Description: MDE’s Socioeconomic EJ Score was calculated using three (3) key indicators as follows: 1. Minority Population - % of individuals who do not identify as non-Hispanic white 2. Poverty - % of households whose income is less than 200% of the federal poverty threshold (i.e., income less than twice the poverty level) 3. Limited English Proficiency - % of limited English-speaking households (i.e., one in which no member 14 years old and over (1) speaks only English or (2) speaks a non-English language and speaks English "very well." In other words, all members 14 years old and over have at least some difficulties with English) . 2019 5-year estimates data from the American Community Survey (ACS) (currently the best available data, when this map service was created) to create scores for each indicator and aid in determining our final Socioeconomic Score. All sub-layers use percentiles for a more accurate representation of the distribution of data across the entire State of Maryland.

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