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MDE_WSA/Temperature_2020_2022 (MapServer)

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Service Description: This map shows catchments and stream reaches listed on Maryland’s Combined 2020-2022 Integrated Report (IR) and watersheds covered by EPA-approved Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLs). The IR layers include all assessments captured within Maryland's Combined 2020-2022 IR and are generally displayed according to Categories: impaired and require a TMDL (Category 5), impaired and have a TMDL approved by the EPA (Category 4a), impaired but have exemptions from needing a TMDL (Categories 4b-4c), insufficient data is available to determine if water is meeting all standards (Category 3), are meeting some standards (Category 2), and waters that are meeting all standards (Category 1). TMDL layers only include the watershed areas where applicable WLAs apply.

Map Name: Water Quality Assessments and TMDLs


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Copyright Text: Maryland Department of the Environment, MDE, WSA

Spatial Reference: 26985  (26985)

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